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An Authority On Criminal Defense In Tulsa

I have practiced criminal defense in Oklahoma since 1999. At Cale Law Office, I focus exclusively on helping people who are in trouble with the law. Whatever type or number of charges you are facing, I can help you. I will aggressively protect your rights and confront the prosecution’s case while making myself available to answer all your questions and requests for updates.

No Case Is Too Small Or Too Big

Contact me if you have been charged with any crime, including:

  • Violent crimes ranging from assault to domestic violence, manslaughter and murder
  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking
  • Sexual assault, rape, solicitation, prostitution and other sex crimes
  • Fraud, forgery, check fraud, larceny and other theft crimes
  • Weapons charges

Possible sentences for these crimes range from a few days in jail, fines and a suspended driver’s license to life in prison and even the death penalty. Whatever the level of charges against you, legal counsel is essential to making the criminal justice system fair. Your rights might extend beyond what you are aware of. I will insist that police and prosecutors respect those rights and challenge illegal procedures in court. With your freedom and good name at stake, you deserve every possible resource working to defend you.

I know what it takes to provide a strong defense to any charge. As a solo practitioner, I will give every detail of your case my personal attention. I keep in close touch with my clients. Call or email me with your questions or concerns or for an update on your case, and I will get back to you promptly. I always keep my advice clear and honest to empower you to decide how best to proceed.

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Call 918-771-7314 to reach me at Cale Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and schedule your free initial consultation. You can also reach me via email.