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New OMMA Rules For Marijuana Businesses Now In Effect

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Attorney, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Compliance, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law, OMMA, OMMA Regulations

New Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) rules are now in effect for marijuana businesses, said Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. You can download a copy of the rules, sometimes referred to as regulations, here.

The new permanent rule updates include changes required by recent legislation or that provide clarity for licensees, according to the OMMA. The rules:

  • Clarify specific patient transaction information required to be maintained by a dispensary; OAC 442:10-5-6(b)(3)(A)
  • Clarify the requirement that businesses shall use the OMMA-provided verification system; OAC 442:10-5-12(c)
  • Adjust packaging standards by allowing transparent child-resistant containers and require an opaque exit package at the point of sale pursuant to HB 3019 (2022); OAC 442:10-7-1(d)(3)
  • Allow a grower to send a harvest batch to a processor for decontamination before it has been compliance tested and fails; OAC 442:10-8-1(d)(1)
  • Permit a commercial licensee to transport their own waste to a licensed waste facility; OAC 442:10-9-6(c)
  • Allow the collection of multiple harvest batches of shake and trim that have passed required testing into a new homogenized batch.; OAC 442:10-8-1(s)(4)
  • Reorganize the subsection on pre-rolls and kief for clarity and clarify testing requirements for infused pre-rolls; OAC 442:10-8-1(s)(3).

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