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Bill Introduced To Allow Veterinarians To Recommend Medical Marijuana For Pets

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Attorney, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law, OMMA Regulations

Oklahoma veterinarians would be allowed to recommend medical marijuana for animals if a recently introduced bill is passed into law, said Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. Livestock and food animals would not be included.

Rep. Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee), filed HB 2179. If passed into law, the bill would compel the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to adopt guidelines for veterinarians to follow when recommending medical marijuana products within the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. That board would have to consult with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) in developing guidelines.

If passed into law, the measure would go into effect November 1, 2021.

Rep. Fetgatter also introduced a bill to put “adult use” or recreational marijuana on a November 2022 ballot for Oklahomans to vote on. See Oklahomans May Vote On Recreational Marijuana In November 2022


After the board adopts guidelines, a veterinarian may discuss and recommend medical marijuana products for an animal patient with a client for any condition for which medical marijuana products provide relief. However, recommendations would be subject to certain conditions, Cale said.

To recommend medical marijuana, veterinarians would have to:

  • Establish veterinarian-client-patient relationship with the animal patient.
  • Include the condition the recommendation is for.
  • Include the name of the client and the name of the animal patient in the recommendation.
  • Conduct an appropriate examination of the animal before making a recommendation.
  • Not be employed by, or has an agreement with, a dispensary.
  • Not advertise that the vet offers medical marijuana recommendations.


The bill provides for an animal patient license, said Tulsa medical marijuana attorney Stephen Cale. Here are some details:

  • The animal owner would have to be at least 21 years old and have a vet recommendation to get the license.
  • The license would cost $100, be good for one year, but could be renewed.


A person with an animal patient license could use the following for their pets:

  • Edibles.
  • Tinctures.
  • Topicals.

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